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Sites Related to DailyGammon

Helpful Hints for New Players - by Emma and Jadzia
Tournaments and Statistics - maintained by Mewannawin
Dailygammon Players Photo Album - maintained by Jadzia, BlackDog, alanback, et al.

Jordan's Recommended Reading

GammonU Kit Woolsey's Online Backgammon Magazine (not university) is my all-time favorite backgammon site.
FIBS The First Internet Backgammon Server
Are all your games on DailyGammon waiting for your opponent? Are you craving immediate Backgammon? FIBS is my favorite real-time server.
GammonVillage.com Lots of tournament results and advice on strategy. Not free any more.
bgonline.org Forums and more.
Backgammon Galore! Newsgroup Archive - Not kept up to date any more, but has many interesting comments about backgammon.
Glossary Backgammon terminology from Backgammon Galore!
Snowie! Imagine getting the world champion to analyze your games for you. And she's awake 24 hours a day, and will even stoop to playing positions against herself for you. Warning: very expensive
JellyFish JellyFish doesn't have quite as nice an interface as Snowie, but plays nearly as well (you can't tell the difference!) and is cheaper.
GNU Backgammon
GNU for Windows
GNU for MacOS X
GNU Backgammon is as strong as the other two programs, but has the distinct advantage of being free. The disadvantage is that it's not as well polished, and compiling the code is not for the faint of heart!
Chicago Point Links Not enough links here for you? Get your heart's fill here!
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