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Sites Related to DailyGammon

Helpful Hints for New Players by Emma and Jadzia
DailyGammon Facebook Page Maintained by users. You might find information here when the site is down.

Jordan's Recommended Reading

Glossary Backgammon terminology from Backgammon Galore!
Backgammon Galore! Newsgroup Archive - Not kept up to date any more, but has many interesting comments about backgammon.
FIBS The First Internet Backgammon Server
Are all your games on DailyGammon waiting for your opponent? Are you craving immediate Backgammon? FIBS is my favorite real-time server.
GNU Backgammon
Free Software Backgammon playing program. Compiling the code is not for the faint of heart!
Chicago Point Links Not enough links here for you? Get your heart's fill here!
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